Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paper Mache Box

I wanted to make something old looking using the photograph of the two German children that I had covered in resin.  I purchased a paper mache box at Michael's and covered it with pages torn from an old German book. 
I added the photo with matte medium just on the back of it, and glued on the buttons.  For the German "nur die zwei von ihnen" (just the two of them) lettering, I traced the words on artist tissue paper and adhered it with matte medium.
These buttons once belonged to my husband's great grandmother and this is a perfect spot for them.  I glued on the hooks and eyes because they reminded me of something old. Because of the resin, you can see the printing through the photograph.

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  1. Oh Ellen, this is just too funny--I have painted shoe boxes (I used left over house paint a friend gave me--pretty pinks and greens--from her 2 daughters bedroom projects!)Each one houses a current project and most of the supplies needed to work on it. I can just grab a project box and watch TV, go to my bedroom, outside or even to a friends house, and have what I need to continue working on each item!
    I looked up your January art quilt posting--really nice work--so pretty...our parallels are funny and kinda cool! But, honestly, I can't believe how much I'm learning by reading everyone's blog tips and tricks and viewing all this wonderful art! Suddenly I feel so blessed! Thank you, too, for your compliments, it really means alot coming from you =)