Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finish Chelsea's Run

This morning my husband, friend Michelle and I participated in a 5K run/walk to honor Chelsea King.  Over 5000 men, women and children turned up in Balboa Park in memory of  Chelsea, who just a year ago was brutally taken from our world while out jogging.

It was a beautiful day with sunshine and sunflowers in memory of Chelsea.  The route took us over Cabrillo Bridge and into historic Balboa Park.

This is a view from Cabrillo Bridge looking down at the runners along the highway.  My husband is down there somewhere.

At last, those of us who walked are on the freeway.  Cabrillo Bridge is in the background.
The finish!  My husband ran the course in 26 minutes, Michelle and I walked it in 1 hour.  Although the memories of Chelsea King are so sad, this was a day of celebration and hope. 

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  1. What an inspirational post, so important to be a part of community togetherness, even in such sad circumstances--thank you Ellen!