Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Big Book

Last year in Jane LaFazio's mixed media class, we made Big Books.  After cutting a large piece of rosin paper, we collaged the entire piece.  It was then folded into a book form and each page was used as a surface for design.  I missed the first class and instructions, so I cut my book apart.  I ended up binding the pages and finishing the edges with thread and beads.
My front cover has squares of cloth/paper that I hand stitched on.  I drew an image of a flower and stenciled on "imagine" in the corner.

On this page, I used Mexican candy wrappers, drew vines and glued on cording as a stem.  The bright colored leaves are cut from collage paper I made earlier.
I visited Quebec City in October 2010.  I wanted to remember the sights and excitement of Quartier Petit Champlain with it's wrought iron dancing figures that swayed over our heads.
On the back of the book, I cut out houses in tissue paper, made a branch with cardboard and sewed on a charm.

The book measures 9" x 11" and what's really fun is that I can keep adding to my pages - it's always a work in progress.


  1. This is fantastic, Ellen! I love the feeling of depth the layers provide.

  2. your book turned out beautifully!