Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday Journey #7

About 3 miles from our home is Mission Bay Park.  It was once nothing but mud flats until 1958 when the City of San Diego started dredging the bay.  They formed small islands and peninsula's with the silt and mud, turning the area into a beautiful treasure.
Kiteboarding off of Fiesta Island has become a popular sport. 

The sidewalks are the perfect spot for walking, jogging or biking.
Each spring, yellow and white wild daisies pop up all around the bay. The ribbons of color have spread to the sides of the freeway and into the residential areas.  What a beautiful sight.


  1. I love daisy's! I love the water--especially Lake Michigan, of course! But the spot in the photos you posted would have my attention every day!! Nice pics, Ellen!

  2. Very nice! Inspires me to take my three-wheeler bike and ride the path. I'll lie down now and think about it. ;o)

  3. That artsy shot with dad as model is awesome!!