Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nostalgia Quilt

For my class with Jane LaFazio, I decided to create a small nostalgia quilt in memory of my grandmother, Gertrude Naumann Snedecor.  She was of German descent and raised in Jackson, Michigan.  I wanted to incorporate a small, bone china basket made in Germany that she had received as a wedding gift.
I took a photo of the basket, then traced the image onto artist tissue paper.  The tissue paper is then pinned to the back of your quilt.  Jane showed us how to use free motion quilting on the pattern so the design shows up on the front side.
After many practice tries with the free motion foot, I still am not confidant enough to use this technique on my quilt.  I ended up using a straight stitch and turning the pattern alot.

This is the front of my quilt.  I used coffee stained muslin and stitched the basket in black thread so it really shows up.  I'm very happy with the results so far and now it's time to add on all of the fun things that will make my little quilt really special.


  1. Lovely, Ellen, I'm excited to see the progression! Pam =)

  2. Now that's what I was supposed to do! Today I will try to do it...Looking forward to seeing what goes with your basket.