Monday, April 18, 2011

Prep Work

This last weekend, I prepared some pages in my art journal for future creations.

I started with a yellow acrylic background then added texture with bubble wrap, bottle caps, corrugated cardboard and a little collage.
It's fun to use everyday items, you really start to look at everything as possible art use before recycling.

Next, I tried watercolors with iodized salt.  I painted my page with watercolors and sprinkled the salt on while it was still wet.  I used iodized sea salt, low sodium salt and kosher salt to see if there was any difference.
This shows an area with the kosher salt, because of the coarser granulars I think it worked the best.
Brush the salt off after everything dries and you get a beautiful speckled effect.  I really like it!


  1. I thought you were busy w/a toilet accident & an injury??!!!!