Tuesday, April 1, 2014

National Letter Writing Month

It's April 1st and the first day of mail exchange.  There are over 130 people participating and we were each assigned a pen pal.  Everyone was asked to answer a questionnaire and send it to their pal.
I made my first correspondence into a little book.
I filled the 6 pages with information about myself, my family and my interests.
I painted a padded envelope and mailed it off to Tanya, my pen pal.

We are encouraged to post something to everyone on the list and cute mail has already started to arrive at my house.  April is going to be a FUN month!!!


  1. You have a lucky pen pal! What a cute book!!

  2. SO creative!!!!! Have fun with it.

  3. Love your bright little book! So, you are assigned just one person to mail to, but can mail to others too if you want to?

  4. Annie, you are assigned one pen pal but can send mail to anyone on the list. I sending out 133 little notes - EEK!!!

  5. What an undertaking! I'm sure it will be fun though!