Friday, April 11, 2014

Mass Mailing

For National Letter Writing Month, I wanted to send a note to everyone on the list.  Over 130 people!!!!  My theme was leafs and ferns.
I selected a layered art project I had done a few years ago and had it printed at Office Depot on heavy paper.  I cut each sheet in half and used a rotary cutter for a scalloped edge.
I added a little greeting and stamped a fern on the inside.
Each note card was placed in a clear plastic envelope, a bright green label was used for the address and a fern stamp added.
Off to the post office!!  This was quite a task, but I'm so glad I signed up with this group - creative mail is arriving at my house every day!!!


  1. SO creative & pretty!!! What a talent!

  2. Love the note cards and the clear envelopes! So cheerful!

  3. Even green ink for writing your note. So much awesome care with the details! What a great project.

  4. Wonderful! What a fun project/group.

  5. Beautiful Cards - love the scalloped edge!

  6. Such a beautiful treat for the group!