Monday, March 24, 2014

A Little Spring Challenge

15 Minutes Play is having another challenge.  Our quilt should represent spring and use "made fabric".  I was inspired by a greeting card designed by Sybille Lichtenstein and have been working on this 12" square block.

I also have joined a group, National Letter Writing Month.  At one time, the US Postal Office recognized April for writing letters.  This group of 133 talented people will start sending mail art to each other for the entire month of April.  I have been busy getting my envelopes ready and am really excited for the month to start.


  1. Oh, Ellen! What a beauty of a block that is! Now I want to see that card that inspired. I really love how you've arranged the colors between the flower and the background. And framed the center...pretty awesome!

    I read a bit about the NLW month on another blog. It seems it's a daily mailing if I understand correctly. I haven't seen actual details anywhere. I could never commit to a daily mailing anyway, but I hope to see lots of what others experience with it.

  2. Pretty, ready for Spring quilt!