Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday Journey #3

It's Thursday, it's our anniversary, it's warm out and where do we choose to spend our day? LEGOLAND!!
What a great place.  Even though it's designed for small children, I think everyone should get a chance to visit this theme park.  The Lego structures are fantastic, it's amazing what the designers can do with little plastic blocks.  The landscaping was beautiful, there was music, water features and the rides were even fun!
All of the critters in the park are life sized and when you see the details of the Lego's, it's a work of art.
Last fall, my sister and I visited New York City, seeing it recreated in miniature was a real treat.
High on my "bucket list" has always been a hope to sail across Sydney Harbor towards the opera house.
I took this photo from a boat at Legoland, do I have to cross this off of my list now?

We had a wonderful day and a great anniversary.

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