Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Art Class - Week 4

This week our lesson is "Recycled Circles".  Our teacher, Jane LaFazio, had an article in the "Cloth Paper Scissors" March/April 2009 issue on making these and we were very excited to get started.
Using rosin paper, we created a 12" x 12" collage with a color theme in mind.  We lightly painted it with watered down acrylics and added circles using lids dipped in the paint.
Next, we cut the piece into 6" squares.  Each square will be collaged separately with quarter circles from paper or cloth as shown on the bottom right.

After all of the squares have quarter circles added, I will start decorating them with stitching, beads and tiny buttons.  I will share my "Recycled Circles" when it is all put back together into a 12" x 12" art project.


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  2. Love this idea--can't wait to try it! Thanks, Ellen, for your comments on my first collage, I just wasn't sure...but once I got started, I can't stop! It's almost like the whole world is a collage waiting to happen =)