Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Green With Envy

Several years ago, my friend bought a kit to hand knit a scarf.  I really liked the colors but it was the only one the yarn shop had in green.  Five years later, my friend still had not knitted the scarf.  Imagine my surprise when last October, she "donated" the kit to me.  (A BIG THANK YOU!!)

 It consisted of about 14 different textures and shades of green yarn, all tied together in one continuous strand. The pattern was so different from any of the scarfs I have knitted in the past.  I cast on 224 stitches but only had to knit till the scarf was 6 inches wide. 

I love the changes in the yarns, and it was so fun to work on because I didn't know which yarn would be next.  I feel so lucky to have such giving friends. 

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