Friday, August 5, 2011

Thursday Journey #14

Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.  We try to attend once a summer.  I always select horses with the funniest names - "Lasso From El Paso", "A Cat Named Snipe" and "Big Bad Leroybrown" to name a few.
This mural was unveiled in 2009 and depicts famous jockeys, trainers and movie stars that have been associated with the Thoroughbred Club since it opened in 1937.  The artist is Pierre "Peb" Bellocq and measures 30' long and 6' tall.

A visit to the paddock where you can stand close to these beautiful horses and really appreciate their strength and grace.

What a fun day, we are always happy to break even, have a great lunch and enjoy another Thursday Journey.

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  1. What fun! I would bet on Bad Leroy Brown--one of the first song's I learned to play on the piano was: Time in a Bottle, and BB Leroy Brown was another popular tune by Jim Croce at the same time. Looks like a relaxing time with hubby, Ellen!