Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This Old House

Our neighbors right across the street are remodeling their house.  I have enjoyed watching the construction progress while also giving thanks that we are not going through this at our house.  The gaping hole on the right was Nancy's kitchen, if you look closely under the blue tarp on the left, you can spot her refrigerator on the deck.  She is preparing their meals outside using a microwave.  I felt very sorry for her so I invited the family over for dinner tonight!

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  1. Oh, She will thank you and remember that meal forever! We lived through a HUGE remodel for TWO YEARS. It got to be so bad that sometimes dinner was the four of us standing around a 33-gallon trashcan, eating burritos for dinner. At lest clean up was easy. I still bless the friends who either brought us a home-cooked dinner or invited us over. It was heaven.