Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Calendar

I'm making a calendar for the year.  Using a wonderful 4-part video series by Joanne Fink from, I drew the date for my cover page.
We have to most beautiful sunsets in January so I decided to start the year with warm colors.  The days are tags I cut from scrapbook paper and I sewed them on with beads.  (I ended up having to glue them also because they didn't stay in place!)
We are celebrating many birthdays this month and I couldn't resist adding the little boy clown I found in my late mother-in-law's photo box.

Thanks to Annie for sharing the link - the inspiration for the calendar.


  1. A wonderfully crafted month, Ellen! I just love your zentangling and of course the little clown and the tags!! I bought some tags thinking they might make fun journaling blocks...I was right! Awesome colors too! I'm so glad you've joined in!

  2. What a cool idea! I am missing being in a class with everybody. Can't wait for June in Taos with Jane!
    I miss seeing your work in person, Ellen. XOXO