Friday, August 10, 2012

The Joy of Kitties

Of our two cats, Red seems to be the one people are most drawn to.  He runs down the hall to greet every visitor, his size sets him apart from most cats, he loves to be petted and he has even appeared in Studios Magazine!
Poi'pu is quicker to get into trouble and usually avoids visitors.  She would make a great hunter and explorer - if she were allowed outside.

People are always surprised to learn these two kitties are litter mates, they are so different in looks and personalities.  They bring joy to our house.


  1. such sweeties. arent they a treasure? Our two keep us entertained. Our little one Dunkin tries ALL food. His last experience was frosting on cupcakes. Oh yeah. they WERE for a party but he felt left out so maneuvered one off the tray and licked the frosting off. little buggar! lucky he is cute!

  2. Ha!! And isn't that the way it tends to be with nature--female in the background, hunters and gathers, but in the limelight if trouble is brewing; and the male gender, front and center, ambassador...too funny!! They sure are cute =)