Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden Orange

I never buy orange flowers to put in my garden, but they have somehow found a way to sneak in.  I have received the roses, hibiscus and kalanchoe as gifts - but I have no idea how the pansies and nasturtiums arrived!  Now I like the orange, it gives the garden little pops of another bright color.


  1. nice happy color..... looks good. sometimes the birds help "plant" the seeds. LOL
    I just got in from hoeing our garden. veggies are looking good. kale is ready to pick a few leaves. tied up the tomatoes and the corn is looking good too. ah.....summertime! now am resting this old back LOL

  2. Gorgeous blooms! I love orange flowers in the garden.

  3. Beautiful and Cheery!
    My garden is mostly whites, purples and pinks but this makes me want to add a few punches of bright color. I agree with sewyouquilt2, orange is a very happy color.