Monday, October 10, 2011

Boo Bonnet

I have a small Halloween gift for a friend and wanted it wrapped in something special.
I started with a 8" papier mache witches hat from Michael's.

I painted the entire surface with gesso.

This little cardboard box once contained fresh mushrooms and I decided to recycle it.
Next, I roughly painted the hat and box in purple acrylic.

I gathered collage materials - craft papers, magazine photos, stickers and other Halloween goodies adhering them to the hat with matte medium.
These were so fun and inexpensive to make, my friend Sherry will be very surprised with her gifts.


  1. Once again, SO very clever & sweet of you!!!

  2. very nice! I found your blog today and noticed your picture of the blue angels ~ i too live in san diego ~ did you make it to the San Diego Quilt show? If not I posted some pictures on my blog, take a look. There were some beautiful quilts. Just click on my name and it should take you to my blog.

  3. P.S. Did you make your cow quilt yet? I've started mine :)