Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bumper Crop

I'm so proud!!  I planted 6 strawberry plants in a container and they have produced a few berries.  I feel like an urban farmer, providing food for my family.  Of course, we are laughing at the small amount of strawberries - should I make a pie? jam?  Well, at least they look pretty.


  1. How fun! I planted 1 tomato plant last year that grew into a monster, I'll have to post pix--you won't believe it! I think you should either enjoy your harvest on plain yogurt yourself, or serve them to the family atop a dinner salad with endive, avacado's and sunflower seeds with Itallian dressing! Mmmm, right?

  2. I think you should put them in a strawberry margarita!!!

  3. I'm with Priscilla! My dwarf apricot tree on my 6x9 foot balcony has produced seven round green things so I got some netting to protect it from the birds. Stay tuned...