Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Ultimate Swap

Last January, I signed up for a year long stocking swap through  We were given an item to create each month of the year and mailed off our swap gifts in December.
Look at all of the beautiful handmade goodies I received from Liz in Odessa, Texas.  It was so much fun to open a package and see all of the items Liz created over the year.  Thank you so much!

My stocking swap gifts were mailed to Nathalie, also from Odessa, Texas.  Now that Nathalie has received her package, I can share what I made each month for the past year.
JANUARY - A MUG AND MUG RUG  This was the first mug rug I had ever made.  I liked the idea of a round one to match the circles on the mug.

I'll post the other items over the next few days.


  1. What a fun idea, and what fun it must have been to work on this all year long. Were you given monthly themes or an item suggestion or did you just decide on your own what you would fill a stocking with?

    1. We were assigned a monthly swap item, so everyone received the same gifts.

  2. Love the book..I've read almost all of her books!! Nice swap..