Thursday, July 5, 2012

Road Trip

My husband Storm (second from right) and his friends rode their bikes 70 miles to Lake Elsinore on July 3rd.  The rest of us followed in cars.
That evening, we all attended a baseball game at the beautiful Lake Elsinore Stadium.  We watched the Lake Elsinore "Storm" beat the Bakersfield "Blaze" with a score of 11 to 0.  The fireworks after the game were great and everyone had a wonderful time.
It was really a kick to see my husband's name written on everything and to hear the crowd cheering for Storm.

Home again on July 4th just in time to watch the fireworks at Sea World from our front deck. 


  1. 11 - 0? Storm kicked booty! Sounds like a very fun trip! xoxo

  2. Good thing you saw fireworks this night, the 4th disappointed.